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We provide a convenient way to buy your scratch card pins. We've sold hundreds of cards at our various physical stores and are extending our PRODUCTS/SERVICES online.

Our cards are instantly displayed in this format:

  1. Transaction id:   TID157W3FMZY8RYDJQ9
  2. Card Type:   NECO TOKEN
  3. Card Price(for 1):  N750
  4. Card Quantity:   1
  5. Service Fee:   N50
  6. Total Paid:   N800
  7. Payment Date:   07-Nov-2020
  8. Payment Status:   success

Cards Purchased: (1)

  1. Pin:  179490297997
  2. Serial No:   65203441001 (Ref No)

Our goal at INTECH; is to deliver
1) Quality (authentic) cards at the
2) most affordable PRICE and
3) SPEED – instant display of pins; all at the same time.

So you can get the most value, and TELL all your FRIENDS about us.

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